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Nintendo says Wii U will benefit from being cheaper than Xbox One and PS4

Wii U

Nintendo might have a bit of an advantage with their console as the PS4 and Xbox One storm onto the scene. The Wii U has struggled with the appeal of their platform, and many people are claiming that the fierce competition of the newer and more powerful Sony and Microsoft consoles will be a big problem. Nintendo isn’t that convinced though.

Nintendo marketing executive Scott Moffit says that this price difference could be a major advantage for the Wii U. It’s undeniable that the Wii U is weaker than it’s competitors, but the company is pushing ahead with the message of keeping the Nintendo brand as a solid secondary option.

“We have no plans to change the price of Wii U,” said Moffit. “The Wii U is a great value. With great content coming, that will drive the hardware installed base. We’ve gone from being the highest-priced console on the market to now being a great value with the announcements from our competitors.”

“The perception of our price has changed, but what’s also changed is that people now see what great content is coming. They’ll see the value in those games. They’ll be able to enjoy a Wii U in their household for a lot less than a competing console.” Moffit says that the power of the appeal of the Wii U thanks to great first-party games and a cheaper price point is a big win for them. “I can tell you that I feel very confident about our chances to compete and about what we’re bringing to market,” he said.

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Sure, a cheaper price might be a boon for some. But there are other factors that influence whether a gamer picks your console and game library over another option. A somewhat gimmicky control scheme that isn’t all that portable won’t really stand up to the graphical power of the PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo needs to do more than just offer a cheaper price and a gimmicky touch screen that mostly just offers a minor mechanical tweak to gameplay.

And remember that game library? Nintendo has been seriously lacking in all manner of unique system-selling games on the Wii U. Sure, the major players from the Nintendo library like Mario and Zelda have been given some representation, but many remain unimpressed. The handheld hybrid had 23 launch titles, many of which had limited appeal. If Nintendo wants this thing to sell, gamers need more games that push the hardware.

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