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CIG releases two new Star Citizen videos giving us a peak of 3.3

Star Citizen 3.2 Released

Star Citizen Alpha 3.2 just landed for backers a short while ago, but the teams working on the game aren’t resting on their laurels. Behind-the-scenes work continues on the next major release, the 3.3 Alpha update.

One of the bigger additions in 3.3 will be the first feature-complete planet, Hurston, which includes various moons as well. This new planet will include various new mini-games and other systems like mining and markets in their early stages of development. CIG are working hard to implement all the necessary backend tech to support these new locations, expect to see more of the new planetary system in future Around the Verse videos.

There’s also some segments in the ATV release for this week about more armor and clothing for players in 3.3. The concept art for these new items looks really nice.

CIG Are also planning to further expand on the mission elements introduced in 3.2, expanded options for mission states and objectives are being integrated over the course of development for the 3.3 update.

A second video includes an hour-long Q&A with Live Director Todd Papy and Tech Content Director Sean Tracy, as they answer questions and give more information about the game and what we can expect. You can check out both videos below.

In other Star Citizen news, the release of Alpha 3.2 spurred a new round of interest in backing through ship and other asset purchases, which propelled the crowdfunding total to well over 189 million dollars. More precisely, the tally is now sitting on $189,406,971 provided by 2,054,246 registered users.

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