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Itching for more Dungeon Keeper fun? Get ready to defend your Monsters Domain!

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Monsters Domain is the first game from G-DEV, a new game asking you to lure heroes to their doom to build up your own treasure horde. Sounds like a very interesting premise. The game is still a way out, but it seems very interesting. Let’s talk about this new game that’s being teased for next year.

As the publisher describes it:

“Defend the Monsters’ Domain. Kill heroes and collect their treasures. Play the Monsters’ side and loot foolish warriors who dare to explore your realm. Build up your forces, upgrade them and equip them with better weapons, skills and tricks to lure and kill even more shiny forces of the light.”

So how will that game actually play? The trailer that was just released shows a pretty obvious CGI approximation of gameplay. Players will likely play some mixture of tower defense and colony sim mechanics akin to that of the legendary Dungeon Keeper series.

The Styles are listed as such: Necromancy, Vivisection, Mutation, Runes, Elixirs, Talismans, Forge, Techie, Strategy, Roguery, Drilling or Sorcery and different schools of Dark Magic. Each one will likely involve both certain types of magic, but so much more. Your choice of Style in Monsters Domain will have some impact on the traps and monsters you can populate your lair with. The gameplay loop sounds pretty solid, and assuming the trailer we see holds up, it could be a lot of fun.

And once you’ve built your lair, it’s time to take on all comers. You will need to defend your treasure from all kinds of archetypal heroes, each with their own deadly abilities. Every killed hero makes them stronger and gives you an opportunity to better equip your dark armies. You can claim the equipment and treasure of the heroes that fall in your dungeon to better equip your minions, but also has some potential for shenanigans. As the Steam page for the game describes some interesting and unique ways in which you can mess with things.

You can take the magics and equipment that you’ve hoarded and use them for some nefarious research, it looks like there’s a lot of weirdness and room for experimentation there. If the devs manage to deliver some zany build choices, this could be a really cool game.

Check out the trailer for the game down below.

Monsters Domain comes out in Q4 2021. Go wishlist it on Steam.

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