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Elite Dangerous Odyssey Release Date

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Elite Dangerous players have been feeling a bit left out for a while now. The Horizons expansion, the last major expansion to the game, didn’t do much for some areas of the game. Elite Dangerous Odyssey looks to fix all of that. There’s a ton coming to the game with this expansion, but we all want to know when it’s actually arriving.

The Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion has a tentative release date as of now. The game is still very early in the development process, but it is coming along nicely. The new expansion is due out in just a few months, with a tentative date set for May 31, 2021. The new expansion is currently in a testing phase, with various streamers already getting some time in with the alpha build of the new content.

Thanks to the most recent financial report for the developer, Frontier Developments, we know a bit more about their plans for the game. For now, we will have to wait on more news, as we don’t have much to go on.

That new content is pretty massive in scope. There’s a big push to make the game more like an FPS of sorts, with out-of-ship combat and exploration to boot. Players will be able to find weapons and loot on the planets they land, and then take them around for trading or more combat. These new settings will be much more polished and filled with life compared to the basic planetary landings currently in the game. There are various consumables, weapons, and tools to be found, all tied into various gameplay side activities.

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Planetary settlements and exploring them will also be a huge part of the game and its future in Elite Dangerous Odyssey. Players will be able to take on trading and quest opportunities from these hubs as well.

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