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Driveclub shutting down in March 2020

Driveclub is shutting down in March 2020

The Ps4 exclusive driving title from Evolution and Sony, Driveclub, isn’t doing so well, frankly, it wasn’t doing great at launch either. But we’ll talk about that in a bit, first let’s talk about what Sony just announced about the open-world driving title. Sony has announced that the online servers for Driveclub will be shuttered in March 2020, with the game being removed from sale on PSN this year, in August 2019 specifically.

Driveclub launched way back in 2014, and despite it’s potential, it was plagued almost at the outset from technical issues and other problems. Server issues made the online prone to crashes and lag, which angered many players. Gamers also complained of a lack of content in terms of both game modes and vehicles, the one thing you really need to nail with a racing title.

The development team attempted to remedy this, bringing out new DLC content like bikes and other vehicles, as well as a full expansion pack called No Limits.The company also ported the racing game to the PSVR, launching the platform with Driveclub VR.

However, despite this honest effort, Sony eventually acknowledged the writing on the wall, shutting down developer Evolution in 2016, putting an end to new content and major updates for the title.

Those who still own the title on their PS4s after the shutdown will still get access to the singleplayer content, so there is a tiny bit of good news for those that want to continue playing. Although with the loss of online play, I would imagine most fans will move on to other titles, if they have not done so already.

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In case you want a handy breakdown of what content will still be accessible, here’s a list:

You will not be able to:

  • Use your season pass online.
  • Represent your Club online in multiplayer events or tours.
  • Play online multiplayer and compete in challenges.
  • Create your own events.
  • Compete in leader boards, or share stats and player progress.

You will be able to:

  • Use your season pass on all single player and offline modes.
  • Continue to play all game (DC, DC VR and DC Bikes) and DLC single player functionality in offline mode.
  • Earn trophies in single player / offline mode.

The online servers for the base game and Bikes DLC content, as well as Driveclub VR, will shut down on March 31st, 2020.

Driveclub is available now on PS4 for now.

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