Paper Mario The Origami King – A Star Lights Your Way Puzzle Solution

Paper Mario The Origami King – A Star Lights Your Way Puzzle Solution

The Shroom Temple is the third main dungeon in Paper Mario: The Origami King. The dungeon is found within the Scorching Sandpaper Desert, and this place is really strange. Spooky Egyptian hieroglyphs line the walls and the place is filled with puzzle traps too. One of these traps is actually the core of the dungeon, and is much harder than the others. Deep inside the Shroom Temple you will find a room filled with rods, you can hit these with your hammer to progress the puzzle

A Star Lights Your Way Solution

The first step of the puzzle is to use your hammer to knock down the pegs into the shape of a star. Use the image above to find the pegs you should hit. Once that’s done there will be a set of stairs rising out nearby that you need to go up. If you mess up and hit the wrong peg, you can use the button in the back of the room to reset the puzzle. Also, there are some Toads trapped by certain pegs. Knock those down and reset before finishing the puzzle to fully complete the room.

The next phase of the A Star Lights Your Way puzzle involves finding various music discs scattered around the temple, including the “Thrills at Night” CD, to get to the boss. The CD is hidden on the other end of the dance floor. Start by going down the stairs on the other side and head down and dispatch the enemies there. Move into the coffin room and push the bottom torch on the right-hand side of the room downward. This will unlock a hidden passage.

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Head down the passage towards the CD. You will be ambushed by a Shy Guy you will have to fight off. To avoid this, hit the CD with your hammer to spawn a 1,000 Folded Arms Magic Circle. Use the circle to safely grab the CD. Once you have the CD, head back to the dance floor and give it to the DJ.

The next step involves going back through the dungeon and recruiting Toads to fill the dance floor. It’s easy but has a tedious amount fo backtracking through the level. Once you have enough of the Toads you can trigger the bossfight.

Before you hit the dance floor, make sure to save so you don’t have to do all of this again.

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