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Resident Evil 2 Remake has a $900 Limited Edition, with a typewriter

Resident Evil 2 Remake Limited Edition typewriter

Continuing the theme of absurd Collector’s Editions and Limited Editions of games, Capcom has decided to get in on the action.

The “Premium Edition” of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake has a ton of goodies in it, but only the most hardcore of Resident Evil fans will even want to consider buying it, because the most blinged-out edition comes in at a price tag of over $900 USD.

That aforementioned Premium Edition is exclusive to the Capcom online store, and it will set you back roughly 107,784 yen, which translates into $972. YIKES!

The big draw here is that this version includes a Bluetooth keyboard based on the QwerkyWriter by QwerkyToys, based on the in-game mechanism for saving progress, the typewriter. You can view the preview image for that below. The Premium Edition also includes all the goodies from the Collector’s Edition, like the Leon Kennedy statue. There’s also a quirky addon in the form of four rolls of masking tape, each one styled after a particular bit of in-game tat. There’s a roll that looks like an Ink Ribbon for example.

And if for some reason you want to snag just the keyboard that’s modeled after Lexington model that appears in RE2, that will set you back a hefty 81,000 yen taxes included. That’s $730. That’s without purchasing the game by the way.

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Yeah, proceed to pick up your jaw from the floor now. OK, absurdly overpriced collectibles aside, it’s a cool idea to have content taken from the game and made into usable items. Too bad it’s so damn expensive. If you want a more reasonably priced limited edition of this game, maybe take a gander at the Collector’s Edition with a 12″ Leon statue.

Resident Evil 2 will launch on January 25th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re just hearing about this now, maybe check out some of our other coverage. Maybe your a PC gamer who might pick this up, in that case you should check out the Resident Evil 2 Remake system requirements.

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