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Oculus announces 30 Oculus Touch titles for Rift


The new control peripheral for the Oculus Rift, The Oculus Touch will be launching soon. Alongside the new control interface, more than 30 new games have been announced in support of it. No price has been announced as of yet, but with the push from developers for support going strong, the future looks bright for better control support for Oculus.

Four new Oculus Touch games were announced today. Wilson’s Heart from Twisted Pixel which is a psychological thriller, Ripcoil which is a futuristic player vs. player arena where you can launch, catch, and punch a speeding Ripcoil disc, Killing Floor: Incursion which is TripWire’s contribution, and SUPERHOT which we already knew about.

Below you’ll find the main showcase trailer, as well as some other VR titles that the Oculus Rift will feature.

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