All Golden Shores Nutrient Cache locations in Maneater

All Golden Shores Nutrient Cache locations in Maneater

Nutrient Cache locations are a vital mechanic in Maneater. Developer Tripwire Interactive has scattered around a bunch of these all over the map. It’s vital that you find them if you wish to upgrade your shark to their utmost potential. The Nutrient caches are hidden all over the place, and they  contain experience and resources that are very useful.

There are 17 of these spots on the game map. Each one has its own bundle of resources, and some are easier to find than others. The Nutrient Cache locations can be seen in the image below.

Some caches are locked behind game progress, so you can’t unlock them all right away. Players will have to jump through certain hoops to unlock all 17 caches. For example, some are locked behind areas of the map you can only access in the adult stage.

To find the exact locations, there is a basic trick. You want to get into the habit of spamming radar pings wherever you go. As you’re exploring and keep pinging your radar will show nearby loot. You will just need to be in the area of the cache for the radar to ping it. The nutrient cache locations won’t go away, so you can come back for any that you miss. Once you find one, just bite it open to get at the goodies inside.

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Nutrient caches also drop a wide array of resources. Finding them all will ensure that you become the apex predator you were meant to be. Don’t go out of your way though. Blocking game progress to chase resources is a bad idea. If you’re chasing prey, focus on that first. Come back later if you’re busy.

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