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Destiny 2 reveals Season of Dawn in new trailer

Destiny 2 reveals Season of Dawn

Destiny 2 has been through a lot over the years. There have been so many paid and free expansions and updates that it has kind of gotten pretty hard to keep track of it all. We’ve been through 8 seasons of post-launch content, and now we’re headed into Season 9, Season of Dawn.

Season of Dawn shows off a fair few new and returning additions to the shooter. In a way, Season of Dawn is a return to the old by way of moving forward. For you older players, the story is moving forward. Osiris has returned after the events of the Vex offensive have caused major problems. We’re going all the way back to the beginning of the game here. The Red Legion is once again on the march, and they’re attempting to reverse their failures in the Red War. That’s the original vanilla campaign of Destiny 2 for you new people.

If you’re interested in seeing what Season 9 has to offer,  check out the trailer below. Bungie has announced that Season of Dawn will be starting on December 10th. And yes, some Season of Undying items will be going away.

A big part of this new story arc is the stuff of legend. Players have blasted their way through the Undying Mind and defeated another powerful enemy, but they still are not prepared for what’s to come. In this newest content batch, you will be dealing with the Cabal. This powerful enemy has ripped apart the fabric of time, and the current crop of Guardians are going to need some help.

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That help will come through a special questline for Osiris,  a mission of great importance: the revival of Saint-14. The legendary Guardian was considered the greatest of his kind, and is likely the one to grant you unimaginable power.

Season of Dawn will also introduce a new 6-player, matchmade activity in the form of The Sundial. The Destiny 2 universe will be expanded with other gameplay options for PvE, those just haven’t been revealed yet.

Destiny 2‘s full reveal for the Season of Dawn happens tomorrow, December 4, at 10 a.m. Pacific. You can grab the game and its season pass via Steam.

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