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Cyborg Mechanic wants you to sell your humanity

Cyborg Mechanic

Mechanics get a pretty bad wrap, as there are plenty of scumbags out there willing to take your money and not do the work properly. But imagine if there were mechanics out there who literally took you for an arm and a leg. This horrifying nightmare future is exactly what Cyborg Mechanic wants the player to explore.

Developer Games Operators has established a bit of a reputation for taking obscure or strange concepts and gamifying them. Their most well-known project was the 911 Operator series, which shows in horrific detail what managing a police force is like. And just like 911 Operator, Cyborg Mechanic will let you be just as gruesome and incompetent as you want. You’re going to be hacking off a reattaching limbs and organs all day, everyday. But for all that gore at least you get to snap on chainsaw hands and gun arms.

And yes, every little bit of minutia is there. It’s like if Car Mechanic Simulator wanted you to build deadly robots. A customer will come to the player with an order, say for a new set of legs, and it’s up to the unlicensed hacker that is the player to essentially staple those on in the grossest way. There’s a bevvy of different parts, and you can pretty much use them anyway you like as long as you fulfill the order. So if you’re the kind of crazy person who would hack off all of the arms and replace them with inferior junk you ripped off of another cyborg, have at it.

Learn more about Cyborg Mechanic on Steam. Also, take a gander over at the new trailer for the indie game down below. Cyborg Mechanic is due out via Steam for PC, some time in 2021.

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