How to Get Thread in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

The zombie sim, Project Zomboid might seem like a simple isometric adventure, I promise it’s much more than just a basic zombie game. Players must explore a randomized map dodging and fighting back zombie hordes, all while fighting for survival. The amount of scavenging and other ingenuity you need to put into practice to make it through a run is pretty crazy. And on top of all the scavenging, there’s a ton of other work to be done in the game’s labyrinthine crafting system.

You can make everything from solar panels and rain collectors, to an entire arsenal of weapons and armor. But before you can become the Mad Max nightmare of the undead wasteland, you need materials. One of the more common materials you’re going to need is thread. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get thread in Project Zomboid.

How to Get Thread in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, there are 2 ways to obtain thread as loot.

The first and most obvious way to get this item for your tailoring and repairs is to find it in containers.

The game spawns loot based on the locale in which the container is in. So if you’re in a grocery store, the containers will most likely contain food and a few other random home-related items. To find thread, you have to get kind of lucky. The crafting material will show up in sheds, crates, or bookshelves in pretty much any location. Check in bathroom cabinets, toolsheds, garage shelves and other locations in residential homes, they seem to have the best chance.

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Moreover, there’s a small chance of getting thread from the first-aid kit.

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The second method to finding thread in Project Zomboid is to craft it, in a manner of speaking. Ripping clothes is a far faster and more reliable method than looting it. Not only are you at less risk of being ambushed by the undead, but there’s a steady supply of clothes to be torn up around the world map.

There are 3 types of clothes in Project Zomboid: cotton, denim, and leather. Denim and Leather both require you to have Scissors in your inventory to rip them, so keep that in mind. You can also use Leather Strips to get your hands on a few crafting items and other recipes. You can choose between leather and denim strips to repair your clothing items.

To rip clothing, you need to open your inventory and then right-click on the item of clothing you wish to consume and turn into strips and thread. Rvight-click on clothes and select “Rip Clothing” => “One” or “All”. This will turn the item into things like Ripped Sheets, Leather Strips, and Thread.

Leveling Tailoring in PZ is pretty important for this step. The higher your tailor skill level is, the higher your chance to obtain thread from ripping clothes. For example, at level 0 or level 1 tailoring, you need to rip up to 15 or 20 pieces of clothing to get 1 thread.

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