How to recruit a gang in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition

How to take over territories in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition

The classic crime-action franchise, Grand Theft Auto, is getting a major re-release this week. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition will be a full remaster of the classic game. Live out the lives of Carl Johnson and the rest of the Grove St. crew. Can you take over Los Santos with such a meager beginning? Find out in this new remaster.

One of the many things you need to do throughout the game is to grow your gang. You need to take new zones under your control to do that. This involves a lot of gang members shooting at you, so it helps to have some muscle to shoot back.

Find any gang members wearing green, and you can have Carl recruit them. They will follow Carl around and help him out. This is great for any missions or tasks where you need more firepower. You can usually find them around the Grove Street area when you firs begin the game. As you progress and take new zones, their presence will expand across the map. To get them to join you, approach them and then aim directly at one of them and press the Recruit button.

If they refuse to join you, it could be because your respect level isn’t high enough. There are multiple tiers of respect you need to achieve to recruit more.

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Here’s the breakdown of how much your REspect meter needs to be filled to recruit new gang members: With 80% Respect, you can have 7 of them, 60% – 6 members, 40% – 5, 20% – 4, 10% – 3, 1% – 2 of them. Yes, even with no Respect, you can gain at least one recruit to take with you.

The best way to increase your respect level is to gain new gang territory, so this is the best kind of overall method to raise your respect. Just go and recruit gangs in a large vehicle, and then go around conquering territories. You can get more respect if you complete missions, kill rival gang members and other opposed NPCs. Cops and dealers can also give a tiny amount of respect if you take them out.

Gang members aren’t the best at fighting off enemies, but they make good targets. Having a few extra bullet sponges to make it easier to take out enemies is much easier. The best thing to take on other gang territories is to use these to your advantage.

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