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How to get Wintersday Gifts in Guild Wars 2

How to get Wintersday Gifts in Guild Wars 2

Wintersday is here in Guild Wars 2, and it’s got presents, tons of ’em. The new holiday event has kicked off, bringing some festive cheer to ArenaNet’s MMO. Along with all of that, comes a bundle of seasonal items. Players can craft miniature snowmen, cook festive meals like peppermint oil or mintberry swirl ice cream, and much more. These new items are contained within the loot boxes that GW2 often uses for player rewards. The event also includes new WvW items and PvP finishers for some snowy flair. There’s even a custom dungeon to run. But we know why you’re really here. You want those sweet Wintersday Gifts in Guild Wars 2. Here’s how to get them.

Complete the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle

Like many hidden items in this MMO, jumping puzzles are involved. Yes really, Guild Wars 2 has jumping puzzles. You will find a Festive Youth NPC tucked away in the Crown Pavilion that offers the task. Go find him in that region of Divinity’s Reach and select the option “Yes, let’s do this“. You can also start off by using the portal on the large peppermint above that NPC.

You have three options with increasing difficulty: the Quaggan Route, the Snowman Route, and the Gingerbread Route. Depending on which option you pick, you get a much more complex path, and 8, 10 or 12 presents waiting for you if you complete the run. The chest at the end also grants 1000 Karma and 2540 Experience, regardless of the route taken.

The puzzle is instanced content with a limit of 20 players per instance. These instances reset every 30 minutes, offering plenty of time for completions. Those players who put the effort in can rank on the completion rankings, possibly earning bonus rewards. This is by far the fastest way to get all the stuff you want.

Check the Wintersday Gift Tree

Every main city throughout Tyria has been decorated for the occasion. There’s holiday decorations all over the place. You can find a giant Wintersday Tree in the main plaza of each area. Head around in your starting city until you find it. It will likely be the one surrounded by other players. The tree will give you one free Wintersday Gift per day.

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Festive Dolyaks have been spotted all over the place as well, You will find them all over Tyria. Follow them around and they will often drop a present. Interact with the sparkle to get a Dropped Present, this is a Wintersday gift box.

Other Wintersday activities

Here’s a list of other events that will reward you with various amounts of Wintersday Gifts:

  • Toypocalypse: A blitz of toys is coming to overwhelm your team. Team up with four other players to take them on. All players get bumped up to level 80 and must protect five Dolyaks as they carry gifts. Can you keep these beasts safe? Get them to the end to earn rewards. Every round you make it through grants Wintersday Gifts in Guild Wars 2.
  • Bell Choir Ensemble: You must choose a stage and part to play in this bell-based musical act. Players use their number keys to play notes, trying to perform the best. Failed notes can damage players and take them out of the overall activity. If you can make it through all six songs, you win a bonus prize. Win more gifts based on how well you do.
  • Snowball Mayhem: Fight your way through legions of enemies with snowballs, trying to take out the other teams base. You choose from a set of roles:  Supporter, Heavy Gunner, or Scout, and infiltrate the other team’s base. Think of it like CTF but with giant boxes of presents and goodies. The winning team must collect five gift boxes. Every gift returned gives members of the winning team Wintersday Giffts as a bonus.
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