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Xbox Cloud Gaming heads to PC and iOS in Spring 2021

Xbox Cloud Gaming heads to PC and iOS in Spring 2021

Xbox has announced that the Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass will be coming to new platforms next year. The games delivery service will come to PC and IOS in Spring 2021. This follows the launch of the cloud service on Android devices earlier this year. This may not have happened though, as Apple didn’t want to play ball. Apple has a policy to block cloud apps of some kinds on their App Store, so Microsoft is running it in the browser on mobile devices rather than as as  normal app.

The launch is heralded by the Xbox Wire today, letting folks know what the plan is. The Xbox Game Pass services are also coming to the new Xbox consoles this month. That means the Xbox Series X|S will be getting hundreds of new games. The console already has pretty solid support for the Xbox Live suite and it’s only getting better. CVP of Microsoft’s Gaming division Jerret West said as much when they revealed that the engagement among users with that service has doubled in November 2020.

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The push to have the Xbox Game Pass on PC has been stupidly successful. And with the next-gen ports of various games and digital services coming, they’re going to find even more support. According to Microsoft, 1.6 million people have downloaded next-generation upgrades for their favourite games to their Xbox Series S|X via Smart Delivery, That’s incredible for the service, and it’s only going to grow.

Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass is available via an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, so the thing is that as more games get added, more gamers will have more to enjoy. The Game Pass additions of Control and Greedfall are also going to add some great experiences that make the service all that much better.

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