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How to get Star of Gratitude in Guild Wars 2

How to get Wintersday Gifts in Guild Wars 2

Did you just get to level 80 in Guild Wars 2 and start doing endgame activities? If so, you probably have a bunch of Empyreal Fragments that are just sitting around. These rare items are gained via a bunch of different activities. Most Empyreal Fragments come from a variety of PvE and PvP activities. The ending chests in Dungeons and Fractals can have them. The NPC bosses guarding keeps in WvW can drop them too. There are many different ways to get these fragments. Most players use them to craft Ascended gear, and you’re going to need a lot of them.

But what do you do with the excess? Surely there must be a way to use them? And yes, there are many ways to put the fragments you don’t need to use. One is a  seasonal item called the Star of Gratitude.

The Star of Gratitude is what’s known in the community as a converter. This will take a certain amount of a base currency and convert it into a specific reward. Along with all the other items you can obtain during the Wintersday events in Guild Wars 2, there’s one seasonal item you really should rush to get. This rare item is only available while this holiday event is active, so get it before it’s gone again.

So why do you want this? It’s simple; it’s one of the many ways you can make use of the excess premium currency you will accrue as you play the game. You must trade 50 Empyreal Fragments to use the effect, and you can do this up to six times per day. Each time you consume 50 of the fragments, you get a random box of loot.

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Each iteration of the box will contain the following items:

  • A random piece of equipment of your character’s level with Masterwork rarity or above.
  • A piece of junk or a random, low quality trinket.
  • A random item which can be a crafting material, an upgrade, a salvage item or a consumable.

How to get Star of Gratitude in Guild Wars 2

The item can be obtained only by starting a collection on Wintersday. This involves completing a set of achievements during the event.

To begin you need to complete the Grawk Munch achievement. You will need to read Orphan Laine’s letter and complete their treasure hunt to get this one. The For the Children! Achievement is the one that involves all the jumping puzzles. The official wiki has a list of which jumping puzzles are most likely to drop a given ornament.

When you finish the For the Children! collection, you are awarded with a title (The Magnanimous) and an Orphan’s Generous Gift. Double-click the Orphan’s Generous Gift to get the Star of Gratitude and the Wintersday Gift Tree node.

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