Destruction AllStars Trophy List – All Trophies

What are the Destruction Allstars Trophy requirements?

Destruction AllStars has slammed into the console space this week. The game just came out today for the PS5, and it’s already getting some players. It seems like a lot of people wanted in on the vehicular mayhem. Test your mettle against the new horde of crash-hungry drivers in this new PS5 hit. The monster races, in all their destructive 4K glory, feature a mountain of cars to smash to bits, and tons of players to overcome. Do you have what it takes to earn the Destruction AllStars Trophy? Find out what you need to do to get Platinum in this guide.

Given that this is an online game all about multiplayer, a lot of the Destruction AllStars Trophy unlocks have to do with online matches. There are some for completing the basic tutorial, but you’re going to have to play online to get the full potential out of this game. A lot of the trophies for the game also involved taking out multiple players or enemies with certain weapon types.

Destruction AllStars has 23 different trophies you can grab for various challenges and hidden tasks. Here are all of the trophies in Destruction AllStars, and how to unlock them.

Destruction AllStars Full Trophy List

  • Rookie (Bronze): Earn all of the star objectives for a single event.
  • No Free Ride (Bronze): Complete all of the Tutorials in Freeplay with any character.
  • Stars and Cars Collide (Bronze): Complete and Win the Mayhem Tutorial
  • Detonate to Dominate (Bronze): Complete and Win the Carnado Tutorial
  • The Last AllStar (Bronze): Complete and Win the Gridfall Tutorial
  • Bankety Bank (Bronze): Complete and Win the Stockpile Tutorial
  • The Hero we Don’t Deserve (Silver): Wreck an opponent’s hero vehicle in an online match
  • Ghost (Silver): Deal 100 damage whilst stealth in Cypher, without taking any damage in an online match
  • Impenetrable (Silver): Block 100 damage with the Undisputed’s shield in a single use of the breaker in an online match
  • Stronghold (Silver): Keep a full shield in Gravitron for 5 seconds in an online match
  • Bullet (Silver): Slice 2 vehicles in a single slice with Sabre in an online match
  • Flamethrower (Silver): Set an entire team on fire with Cerberus in an online match
  • Flame On (Silver): Set 3 AllStars on fire at once with Wildfire in an online match
  • Pitch Perfect (Silver): Wreck 3 enemies using CRASHendo in an online match
  • Home Run (Silver): Wreck 3 opponents with a single use of Mr. Sparkles’ breaker in an online match
  • Hit List (Silver): Take out 3 targets in a single use of Xero’s X-Ray in an Online Match
  • Ultimate Precision (Silver): Take out 3 targets in a single use of Number One’s Lock on in an online match
  • No Escape (Silver): Wreck all opponents with Barong’s Countdown in an Online match
  • Chewed Up (Silver): Shred 3 cars in a single use of the Shredder in an online match
  • Prickly (Silver): Spike 3 enemies at once with the Morningstar in an online match
  • Instant Service (Silver): Attach drones to 3 enemies with The Boxmobile in one use in an online match
  • Party Animal (Silver): Smoke 3 enemies with the Smoke Commander in one use in an online match
  • Terminal Velocity (Silver): Smoke 3 enemies with the Smoke Commander in one use in an online match
  • Ultimate Respect (Gold): Earn all star objectives in Ultimo Barricados’ Series, Mutual Respect
  • Wreckognised (Gold): Earn an S Rank Wreckognition rating or higher in any event
  • Wrecking Ball (Gold): Perform 100 Wrecks in any mode
  • AllStar (Gold): Win 50 online matches
  • Checking Out the Competition (Gold): Win at least 1 online match with each AllStar
  • Hall of Fame (Platinum): Unlock all Destruction AllStars Trophies

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