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Return of TEST, HERO and Black Legion moving to war, and other Null sec squabbles



Starting off the week, lets focus on the region of Fountain.  Wherein HERO coalition has begun beating the drum against Black Legion. in the Chimera constellation.  Black Legion currently holds the valuable system of CHA2-Q.  They have begun to expand, creating a deluge of timers in the systems of; 7BX-6F, 6VDT-H, NY6-FH, and HMF-9D.  BL have reinforced stations and IHubs in these systems, and HERO has largely failed to respond.  A few small fights have been had nonetheless.  The most notable centering around an R64 moon in the system of MN5N-X that belonged to the residents of Fountain Core, as part of HERO’s on-going campaign to secure their assets in the region. Black Legion dropped a Battleship Fleet with Triage Archon Support as the tower was about to go down. HERO attempted to fend off Black Legion but did not have sufficient numbers to break the Triage repairs of the Archon. While the HERO capital fleet that was initially attacking the tower had already left, Black Legion attacked a lone Phoenix dreadnaught belonging to HERO fleet commander W Rush which had been sieged out of sequence of the main fleet.

While the Phoenix eventually fell it had still managed to do significant enough damage to Black Legion’s Triage Archon to take it with it. Spurred on by this HERO pressed the attack knowing that the Black Legion fleet no longer had its logistics support, only to see a second Archon jumping into the system. Without the damage from the Phoenix, HERO knew they were unable to break the triage repairs and withdrew.

HERO Domi Doctrine

HERO Coalition leadership announced a doctrine update with the return of the Dominix doctrine. An unsurprising mixed reaction followed:  Reddit Thread. This is clearly HERO’s attempt to revitalize their sagging numbers after losing more than 1,000 players in the last month.  Lets hope it helps.

Delve, Querious, Period Basis

Further south in the region of Querious.  Various N3-aligned entities have begun carving up the region.  With the departure of NC., the NA. rental alliance has begun divesting from the area and selling systems wholesale to interested parties.  With the looming threat of Imperium-backed Confederation of xXPIZZAXx/No Value/EON Alliance running around Delve, Period Basis,  and Querious, DARKNESS. and Kadeshi have been attempting to secure the regions against them.  With multiple smaller skirmishes occuring.  DARKESHI have even managed to retake some of their lost systems in the area.


Moving to the East, the Vanguard Coalition continues it’s war against XIX and GemCo.  During the last week, members fo Vanguard have taken several systems and distributed them amongst themselves.  Nulli Secunda have also announced they are joining the fight against Vanguard for XIX.  This comes after their abandonment of Feythabolis to combined RUS/PL forces.

Wicked Creek

TEST and Pandemic Legion keep on pushing out BLUE Alliance and Gorgon Empire: Towers/IHUBs and TCUs killmails.  TEST has returned to independent SOV holding status, they now hold 20 systems in the region.  When PL inevitably return to farming kills from the likes of HERO in a few weeks, it’s questionable whether TEST can stand alone against the entire region wanting to kill them.  Diplomacy will no doubt be the best option for TEST to retain it’s gains.

test sov



NC. and Provibloc continue their fighting in the region.  Earlier in the week, another brawl between them broke out in G-5EN2.  With the station and IHun reinforced, a major battle occurred which saw 18B ISK destroyed.

Yesterday NC. attacked 9-F0B2  by killing Provibloc SBUs with a Navy Augoror Fleet, Provibloc responded by forming a Naga Fleet and NC. reshipped to Tengus: Battle Report, 4B lost by Provi.  The SBUs were destroyed later when Provibloc reformed an Ishtar Fleet + Goku-EWAR and Bomber Fleets.

Imperium Space

The Imperium has seen little actual fighting over the week.  Their agreement with HERO to hold a portion of Fountain and the relocation of alliances within their space has been the primary focus of their efforts. The transfer of SOV from RAZOR to INIT. being the only noteworthy transfer to occur within their claimed regions.

With the announcement that H1Z1 will be a focal point for their players; some are inferring the conclusion that Imperium wishes to expand the EVE community into other games to strengthen themselves in New Eden.

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