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Anyone who has played Path of Exile is well-accustomed to the concept of a loot filter. This extremely useful file can help make managing the mountain of loot in an ARPG a breeze. Last Epoch Loot Filters are a bit of a different beast. As the game looking to snipe POE’s crown, this new Early Access game has learned a ton of valuable lessons from its older cousin. Namely, that filter loot is a big part of the experience. Use a Last Epoch loot filter to gain insights into what loot to grab during your adventure. You want to get the most powerful items, and these can help with that.

Not only can you use these to filter out loot you don’t want; you can also highlight items that are very useful, making looting a sinch. You could just grab a filter made by someone else and use it, but the ARPG also allows you to alter the filter in-game. This is a big advantage, as POE loot filters require much more thorough XML knowledge to make manually. Here are the basics of a Last Epoch loot filter.

How to create a Last Epoch Loot Filter

To create a loot filter in Last Epoch, press Shift+F on your keyboard to open the loot filter menu. This system allows tons of customizations. Just click “Add Rule” to begin adding loot rules to the filter you’re making. Be sure to read any of the options thoroughly if you’re new to the game. Selecting the wrong option can really hamper gear progression if you accidentally hide useful items.

Creating a good loot filter in an ARPG is pretty intense and takes a good amount of game knowledge, but you can operate on a few general assumptions for design. You can hide all the items not relevant to your class, as well as adding colors and effects to spot valuable items. Usually, you want to always show Unique, Set and Exalted Items. You could also color certain affixes that synergize with your class and build. Use a particular skill? Go ahead and highlight the affixes that offer a boost.

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You can take some of the work out of this process by looking below at some example loot filters.

Example Loot Filters

These basic loot filters were made by Heavy, a member of the game’s community. They can be used as a baseline for alterations. Each one is tailored to the classes currently in the game. At a basic level, they hide items not for the class you’re playing, and make it easy to handle loot. You can use these as they are now, or alter them to your heart’s content.

Simply download the .XML file linked above that you wish to use, then place it in a folder somewhere on your machine. You will need it later, so remember where you placed it. Check below for how to import a Last Epoch loot filter and save yourself some time.

How to Import Last Epoch Loot Filters

If you want to avoid the hard work and just get playing, download a pre-made loot filter and get going. You can just download the .XML file and use that to import the file into the game. You can also copy-paste the raw filter into the game via the menu. Here’s how to import loot filters in Last Epoch:

  • Press Shift+F to open the Loot Filter menu
  • Select ‘No Filter’ in the dropdown
  • Click on the ‘Import a Filter’ button
  • Select “Open Filter Folder” to select the XML file you downloaded
  • If you copied the raw filter to your clipboard, select “Paste Clipboard Contents” instead
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