Can you change servers in Lost Ark?

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Given the co-op nature of this new game, Lost Ark is a game designed to be played with friends. The developers have added a ton of systems to encourage replayability and overall engagement. There’s a lot to learn about this new game. There are plenty of other things to learn about Lost Ark beyond this simple stuff. Strongholds that act as bases for crafting, seem to have some folks confused. There’s also that weird premium sub that some players are curious about. Doing things like dismantling gear is pretty important too. Learning how to do that can help your crafting efforts a bit. With this guide, we’re going to show you how to get into a party with your pals.

Can you change servers in Lost Ark?

Since sometimes mistakes are made, friends don’t always communicate on their plans. Players will want to change servers at some point, but sadly, this isn’t possible. The developers have not added a server transfer option for players yet. Also, there’s no need really, as you can hop between server instances on different servers on the fly. This does mean you’re still locked to the same player pool on an overall server though. For that reason, if you’re playing with friends, be sure to get on the same server when making your characters.

You can do things to help characters progress, but you cannot transfer existing characters between servers. That means you better plan ahead and try end up on the same servers as your friends if you want to play together. You can also change channels, so that’s helpful if you want to game with your friends. The game works based on this channel system. So the server instance you’re on is determined by your channel number. By clicking the drop-down menu in the upper right, you can change your instance. Make sure you and anyone you wish to play with are on the same channel, and in the same zone.

When you are in the same zone and channel instance, you can then party up with other players in that region. Even when you are NOT in the same instance, you can still track friends via the map, but gaming together isn’t the same.

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How to add friends and find them in-game

The way the game works, you can actually game together a bit easier if you’re on the same server. But since the game is instanced, you can still find each other if you’re not. By adding your friends to a friends list, you can see when they are online.

Since Lost Ark does not share Steam’s friend list, you need to jump through a few hoops to get this done. First, open the Community menu on the bottom right of the screen. This will open up the friends menu, click Friends at the top to open the actual list. From there, you can send a friend request to people you wish to add. You will need their in-game character name to track them, and also they have to manually accept the request.

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