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The Blackout Club introduces the Stalker in first major 2019 update

The Blackout Club Stalker Update

Question has recently rolled out the first major update of 2019 for their Steam Early Access title, The Blackout Club. This update introduces the Stalker, allowing players to invade co-op games on the opposite team, thus presenting as another teenage that is playing on Redacre’s boogeyman’s side.

When somebody intrudes on a game, the initial players will, at first, be unaware of said intrusion, thanks to the Stalkers coming unannounced and uninvited. If you have a keen enough eye, however, you may notice a fellow player carefully watching every move that you make, collecting information on your activities and reporting it back to The Angel.

The Stalker will utilize the phone in order to take pictures of the cooperative group, which helps The Angel bring down more trouble upon said group. Of course, the Stalker is also at a bit of a disadvantage, as he is always alone, while the cooperating players can be a group of up to four. Thanks to helping The Angel, however, the Stalker is still capable of wreaking havoc on the group’s mission.

Stalkers are able to enter the game at any point, and are quite weak. That noted, they do boast agility and are also capable of utilizing the Red doors of Redacre as shortcuts while they spy on the players. Those worrying that they will be invaded in single player missions can rest easy, as Stalkers cannot do so.

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For those who may not be aware of what The Blackout Club is, it is a game in which your friend has gone missing. Something seems quite strange in Redacre, and the adults simply will not listen. As such, it’s up to you and your friends in high school to try to unveil the secrets buried within Redacre as you play either alone or with up to three friends supporting you.

The adults of Redacre report the sins of their youth trying to unveil the activities within the town, thus making The Angel, or the town’s boogeyman, all-seeing. The most guilty are hunted down by this powerful entity, which can only bee seen when you close your eyes. There are reports of previously captured players sharing stories of hearing voices, or even waking up in their beds with signs of “Lost time,” or blackout activity. Others even claim to see demonic messages written across their mind’s eye…

The title is set to enter version 1.0 on PC, as well as launch on consoles, later in 2019. If you want to see more of this title in action, check out a gameplay trailer for the title down below.

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