How to Buy Your Mother a House in BitLife

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You can be great to the women in your life in BitLife, just like you definitely should in the real world. And with Mother’s Day this week, CandyWriter has made a challenge out of it. Taking care of the woman who birthed you is a good thing, and the new challenge requires you to do that. You can also take the time to be nice to her, and to your kids, which is part of the new Mother’s Day Challenge. One of the more important steps in this challenge is to buy your mother a house in BitLife, here’s how.

How to Buy Your Mother a House in BitLife

Here is how to buy your mother a house in BitLife:

  1. Go into Assets>Shopping>Real Estate Brokers and buy a house.
  2. Go into Assets>Properties, and select your house.
  3. Select Gift from the dropdown and select your mother as the recipient.

You need to have plenty of cash to do this, so it may take a bit of work. You need to be able to buy a second home for starters. You need a lot of money, which often means needing a high-paying job. Once you have that locked down, you can also have the requirement locked down to buy your momma a house. Once you have the cash, by whatever means, you can go about the purchase.

Go into the housing market via the Assets tab and click the Go Shopping button. There you will see various options, scroll down to Real Estate Brokers and find a house you want to buy. You don’t need to spend a certain amount of money, just buy a livable home. When you find something suitable, just buy it and move onto the next step.

When you have the house, you can go into the Assets tab again to gift it. You need to go into that tab and find the house you just bought. Clicking on it will bring up several options like Gift, Party, Pay Off, Renovate, and Sell. You may want to use the Renovate option before you give it away firstly, if the house is in poor shape. Click the Gift option, this will bring up a new option select. When you gift it, use the dropdown to select your mother and choose the “Give it away” to finish up.

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