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Resident Evil 2’s Free DLC ‘The Ghost Survivors’ is out now

Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors DLC

The best survival horror game of 2019 just got even better. Resident Evil 2 just got a new DLC pack which focuses on three survivors of Raccoon City who’s stories had yet to be told.

Fans of the games will recognize each of these characters too. There are three new scenarios in total, and each one focuses on a particular character and their story focuses on the tragic events of those bloody days in September. Each scenario will be similar in layout to The 4th Survivor mode which features Hunk. And good news, this new DLC is completely free if you already own Resident Evil 2‘s excellent new remake. And it will also be free for everyone who purchases it later, so don’t worry about that.

Capcom says the update will bring additional playable characters, scenarios, as well as an entirely new mode called “Training”, which allows new players to practice by giving them bonus items and extra inventory space. Enough about that though, let’s talk about each of these new stories.

The first of these is called “Runaway” and it tells the story of Katherine Warren, the mayor’s daughter. This marks the first time players will get to assume the role of the character in the franchise. Although anyone who has played either version of RE2 knows exactly how this all ends.

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Next up is Robert Kendo, the gun store owner, in a scenario titled “No Time to Mourn”. This short romp focuses on what happened to Mr.  Kendo before he ran into Claire at the beginning of the original game, and changes up aspects of the main story to include playable sections featuring him in the narrative.

The final included scenarios is “Forgotten Soldier” and it introduces Ghost. A special forces soldier abandoned in the midst of the zombie-infested ruins of Raccoon City. The spec ops agent must attempt to fight his way out.

Capcom also revealed a new set of retro skins for both main characters that reskin Claire and Leon to look like their original polygonal models from 1998. So if you want that kind of juxtaposition in your remake, the option is there, and it’s free too.

Below you can check out The Ghost Survivors DLC launch trailer if you’d like. Resident Evil 2 is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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