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Grand Theft Auto Online updates expands Night Club missions

GTA Online adding night clubs next week

Rockstar has introduced a new patch to GTA Online, which is part of the newest Night Club expansion to the multiplayer component of the open-world game.

One of the bigger additions is a new stock of music and related content. One such new feature is a character called DJ Dixon. Dixon has multiple missions related to player-owned Night Clubs. Players can also make Dixon their resident DJ by completing certain requirements. This patch also adds an expanded Los Santos Underground Radio, which adds new tracks from the album Afterlight by Tale of Us.

This After Hours update also adds the B-11 Strikeforce. This new attack plane can be snapped up from Warstock Cache & Carry. Other in-game items include clothing, cars and other such stuff. For example, the Nightshark and Revolter are now on the market for players to grab for free. You can claim the free Sessanta Nove Multi-Color and Pink and Green Camo Liveries for the HVY Nightshark and Ubermacht Revolter this week for free.

Players who are Guest List members can claim a GTA$100,000 bonus and Technologie T-Shirt during by logging in during the same time period.

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As one final bonus for this update, players can enjoy the following discounts on various services and items in-game:

Hangars, Hangar Workshop & Renovations – 25% off
Executive Offices, Garages & Renovations – 25% off
Executive Office Custom Auto Shop – 25% off
Special Cargo Warehouses – 25% off
Biker Clubhouses & Renovations – 25% off
Biker Clubhouse Custom Bike Shop – 25% off
Biker Businesses – 25% off
Bunkers & Renovations – 25% off
Nagasaki Buzzard – 25% off
Nagasaki Havok – 25% off
Sea Sparrow – 25% off

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