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Roblox Demonfall Map – All NPC Locations

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Since Roblox Demonfall does not have an in-game map, it can be a little hard to find things. Fireheart Studio has intentionally made things a little hard to find so players spend more time with the game. Roblox Demonfall wants you to pass the exam and become a slayer. To get that done you need to complete various quests. But since it’s so hard to get around, that’s much harder than it looks.

Use the Roblox DemonFall Map linked below to find your way around the game world. Maybe you need to head out mining for some cash, which means you need to find the Miner in Demonfall. Perhaps you have a goal to learn some new skills, so you need to visit the NPC trainers. Whatever your goal, players on both sides of the fight will be gunning for you. Whether you’re a demon or a demon slayer, you need to be careful.

Roblox DemonFall Map

Credit to the Trello user “ocodastrevastrevosa”

All NPC and Trainer Locations in Roblox Demonfall

Use the map above and the lists below to figure out where each NPC and Trainer is located. Now that you know the Roblox Demonfall Map, that should be much easier to find.

Frosty Forest: By the main spawn point

  • Tokito – Trainer

White Peak: South of Hayakawa Village

  • Rengoku – NPC

Demon Purgatory: Northeast from Frosty Forest

  • Rocher
  • Aleos
  • Guard Demon Purgatory
  • Charles
  • Omah
  • Victor

Coast Forest: Southwest from Hayakawa Village

  • Kujima – NPC
  • Urokodaki – NPC

Exam: West from Sakura Passage

  • Exam Girl – NPC
  • Exam Girl – NPC

Okuyia Village:

  • Grimm – NPC
  • Freedie – NPC
  • Soup Boy – NPC
  • Okuyia Tavern Girl? – NPC
  • Peaker – NPC
  • Okuyia Merchant – NPC
  • Esnor – NPC
  • Joro – NPC
  • Guto – NPC
  • Ichiru – NPC
  • Ronoa – NPC

Kamakura Village: South from Frosty Cavern

  • Kitomara – NPC
  • Hadam – NPC

Demon Hideout – Okuiya Hideout: Southwest from Okuyia Village

  • Romeo – NPC
  • Shoga – NPC
  • Broa – NPC
  • Mai – NPC
  • Rocher aka Polnareff – NPC

Corps Base:

  • Kitomara – NPC
  • Jako – NPC
  • Marrone – NPC
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