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Path of Exile gives away more MTX, deploys new patch

Path of Exile Blight Expansion Announced

Path of Exile is a great game, no one can really doubt that if they’re a fan of the ARPG genre. And with the launch of the Blight League, players are wholeheartedly jumping into the new tower defense style mechanics. But along with the new challenges to push players and their builds to new heights, the developer wants to also be able to pay the bills, so that’s where the monetization comes in. And yes, while some will turn up their noses at the cosmetic-focused cash shop, as well as its sometimes high prices, GGG does offer some reprieve. And admittedly, a lot of the designs and the sheer variety is pretty appealing. Gamers can chose to cloak their gear, skills and even characters themselves in hundreds of different effects to create something truly unique and visually stunning.

A big part of this strategy involves consistently pushing out new content on an almost weekly basis. Whether it’s a new Armour set, which allows POE players to cloak their entire gearset in a unique theme, or it’s a particular skin for a skill within the game, gamers are usually spoiled for choice when it comes to this particular gaming studio. This week, we get to see a new woodland-themed armour set  called the Havenwood set that evokes a mixture of fiery tones with a very Elven feel. It looks like if Diablo crossed over in the Lord of the Rings universe, and it’s honestly a very unique look indeed.

The new Armour Set is just the latest addition to the Path of Exile shop, See some of these new microtransactions in the newly released trailer down below.

The Havenwood Armour Set offers another new look for POE fans to fawn over in the Blight league’s variant of the cash shop. And speaking of the cash shop, there’s still time to grab a free Carnival Mystery Box with spending any amount of points. This new Mystery Box fits in perfectly with Halloween, offering some unique new cosmetic items for players to don for their avatars in-game. The look is all manner of spooky and awsome, so spending as little as 5 points on a Weta Pet will get you a pretty sick look.

On terms of future plans, GGG has a lot of stuff in the works. For one thing, the 3.8.1d update is adding in some tweaks to the newest specialty Stash Tab. The Delve Tab allows players to take the newly stackable Resonators and Fossils, and put them all in one place for easy access. And with the deployment of this new patch is that the developer will introduce a pair of crafting slots, one to add in resonators and fossils, and one for the item you are crafting, which is great for QoL when doing crafting with these items. And of course there’s the performance boosts planned for Blight League after players have complained a lot about stability and crashing issues.

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