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Xbox Series S is currently outselling the Series X

Xbox Series S

New data from Ampere Analytics has suggested that the Xbox Series S might be a major player in console gaming spaces in 2022 and beyond. With a pricepoint of $200 USD cheaper, it’s already attracting a lot of interest. But what recent sales show, is that there’s been a major change. It turns out that the series S is genuinely outselling the X variant in many markets.

Microsoft’s two-tier product strategy was a bold move at launch of the Series generation and the lesser-powered Series S has come into its own against a backdrop of component shortages and Xbox Series X supply constraints,” wrote Ampere’s games research director, Piers Harding-Rolls.

This isn’t as much of a shock as you might think. Digital distribution has become a new norm in areas where internet access is faster and more reliable. It’s no secret that the USA has terrible access to high-speed broadband. So with that in mind, many seem to be choosing the cheaper option.

The report also reveals that things aren’t as rosy as they might seem. Many have pointed out that there’s a primary reason why this might be the case. According to Ampere, the success of the Series S is due to a major shift in focus for the Redmond-based gaming outfit. Microsoft has seen a major explosion in the demand for digital games, and has begun shifting towards the cheaper model for the reason of supply issues. It’s easier to get your hands on a Series S right now, and that’s due to ongoing chip supply issues.

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Whether this issue lets up in 2022 remains to be seen. Folks are certainly not optimistic about it. The general consensus is that cars, GPUs and game consoles will continue to have low supply until well in 2023, at least.

Many manufacturers project that said shortages will last well into 2022. PlayStation consoles have been finding trouble keeping up with demand as well. Sony recently announced that they were cutting back PS5 production for similar reasons. But despite that, the PS5 has retained a solid position. The console even managed to begin outselling the Switch in Sept. 2021, a feat it had yet to achieve in the US until that point.

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