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When will Valheim come to Mac?


The process of porting to the Mac is a bit more complicated thanks to Apple. IronGate will have to contend with that behemoth if they want to port their hit game. And it looks like it’s going to take quite a while. And at the very least, that means we’re getting more updates and content. Because really it would be better for the game to focus on polish and improvements over another port.

There is a ton of work that’s involved to adapting the game to a new OS, and that is work that developer IronGate isn’t ready for. According to a post on Reddit from user AdministrativePast17, Valheim will not come outside of the PC ecosystem for some time. The company has plans for it at some point, but it will take quite a while. According to the developer they said that “Adding Mac support and debugging and testing would take alot of development-hours that we don’t have atm (at the moment)”.

Valheim cannot come to Mac because they don’t have a Mac computer in their studio. from r/valheim

So with that, we have to wonder when it happens. The plan seems to be to have Valheim come to Mac sometime in the next few years. The port process hasn’t been confirmed, and may not take any form anytime soon. There are only six people working on this game, so converting over from PC will be a staffing-up adventure.

There was at least one hint of a plan for a possible port though. Thanks to the success of Valheim, porting it over to the Mac might make sense. Moving the game over will take time, but at least one email from within the company has hinted at it being possible. “In the future it might be possible to add Mac compability [sic],” said an email from the company.

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