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Monster Hunter Rise gets Mega Man 11 crossover

Monster Hunter Rise gets Mega Man 11 crossover

Monster Hunter Rise is hopping aboard the crossover train and making it into Mega Man land with its latest batch of new content. Mega Man 11 becomes the focus this time, in the latest Capcom crossover for the franchise. Monster Hunter Rise has been getting steady updates since its launch last year, with this being the fourth such addition to the game.

Coming on September 24, a special in-game event quest will let players unlock the armour for their barky companion. The players who complete the quest can adorn their pals in armor styled after the trusty Mega Man sidekick, Rush. Players can get in for free, no DLC needed.

Hunting down a new target and building the armor set via event tickets unlocks it on your account. Applying the new event set will change your Palamute’s appearance and bark, but also includes some nifty animation swaps as well. The animations will swap out when you drift on your Palamute, triggering a new Rush Jet mode animation. There’s also a new dismount to be seen.

Capcom is of course planing more content for the Switch title, but that hasn’t been revealed yet. Players and fans are banking on another Capcom property like Resident Evil or Devil May Cry making the leap next time. This next batch hasn’t had a release date announced either.

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But in the meantime, you can check out the new content in a short trailer. Check it out in the trailer below. Monster Hunter Rise is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Some fans hold out hope waiting on a PC port, which was announced as coming sometime in 2022.

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