Can you remove the Outriders frame rate cap?

How To Uncap Outriders Frame Rate

If you have played the new demo, you will notice that there’s an Outriders frame rate cap. That’s kind of annoying, but it’s a fact of life with these split releases. Being on six different platforms, the game has to deal with a ton of hardware variance. That means the developers made a call to standardize the experience with a frame rate cap. Some folks might want to turn it off, here’s what we know about doing that.

You can also turn off motion blur if you’re on PC, as that nonsense is really annoying as you try to aim while running. No one wants to have a bunch of junk on their UI while fighting. Anyway, back to dealing with the frame rate.

How To Uncap Outriders Frame Rate

Unfortunately, there’s no option available at the moment to uncap the Outriders frame rate from 30 FPS. It means that the developer made the decision for a reason. The demo is probably facing some issues beyond 30 FPS with performance. So that means that you need to just deal with it. Maybe at least the PC version will be uncapped on full release. That release happens on April 1.

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You can change classes, although not directly. You need to make a new character to experience a new class. When you do engage with a new class, the game can be much more difficult. It’s also to be too easy if your build is much stronger.

You might also want to consider changing World Tiers if you’re getting into a new run. If you found your old runs too easy, going up in World Tier can increase the challenge and the loot rewards. And if you’re just thinking about getting the game, make sure your PC is up to snuff.

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