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Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.07 fixes anistropic filtering and other bugs

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.07 released

Guerrilla Games has released the latest patch for their big game, Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.07.  The patch has added some major changes to both shaders and various texture filtering options that make the game look a bit better.

The patch is relatively small but has some pretty big implications. Unfortunately, this patch does not bring any performance improvements. It mostly focuses on fixing a handful of graphical issues and adding in some display optimizations.

Anistropic filtering is the technology the game uses to sharpen image quality from a variety of scenes. It exists in a similar vein to the likes of Trilinear Filtering that makes images less prone to image issues. The viewing angle of some textures can become distorted in some scenes, so anistropic filtering steps in to adjust the way textures are displayed to fix the issue. When the current version of the game shipped, the feature didn’t work properly and has now been fixed.

Another issue with shader has been corrected too. In-game shaders are now pre-optimized when they load into the game.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.07 Patch Notes

Graphical Improvements
  • Anisotropic Filtering now works correctly
  • Removed the mandatory/unskippable shader optimisation step at first launch
  • Shaders are now pre-optimised in the game’s Main Menu, but can be skipped
  • The game can now also optimize Shaders dynamically in-game
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