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What is an Estate in Bless Unleashed?

Bless Unleashed Guide: How to Get an Estate

The explosive success of Bless Unleashed, the new MMORPG from Bandai Namco, has a lot of people wondering what’s going on in this game. Being that it’s basically a re-release of an old game, there’s a lot of conflicting info out there. The game operates like any other MMO, but with some little sprinkles of new mechanics here and there. As a result, players coming into the game have a lot to learn.

So now let’s talk about what else you can do in this game. The Estate in Bless Unleashed is one of the more important upgrades you can unlock. What does the Estate in Bless Unleashed do, I hear you ask. It’s simple, it’s the core element of the crafting system. You unlock various recipes and craft them with NPCs within the various structures to craft weapons, armor and consumables.

Estate in Bless Unleashed

How to Get an Estate in Bless Unchained

You must first get to level 25 to unlock the quest for the estate. You need to first complete the “Old Friends and Allies” quest to unlock the estate in Bless Unleashed.

You unlock this quest by doing the following steps:

  1. Complete the first story campaign.
  2. Start a fight with the Gideon boss at the end of campaign.
  3. Put him down below 50% of health.
  4. Go to the Sperios Military District at the Capital City.
  5. Speak to NPC named Averdo Sorza.

Sorza will offer you a new “Entering the Estate” quest during the dialogue after you finish the above steps. Accept and complete this new quest to unlock the first stage of the Estate.

How to get more buildings

You can acquire blueprints from side quests, monster drops or reward boxes. These blueprints are used to construct the following: Old Forge, Old Carpenter’s Shop, Old Leathercraft Workshop, Old Alchemy Workshop, and Old Grocery store. Each of these will drop a sign when you build them, this will allow you to interact with them from there. The menus for each structure allow you to assign workers, manage and deliver jobs and move around your estate.

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From there, it’s time to talk about workers and what they can do.


How to hire workers and the basics of labor

In order to hire workers, you must first find them within your tavern. Walk up to a worker and press the “A” button to see their details. Each worker has a profile that lists the traits they have active, as well as their production efficiency. More efficient workers will cost more to higher. Just hold A to recruit a worker by paying their cost.

You can tell the better a worker is by the star rating on this page that denotes their speed. Workers often range from 1 to 5 stars in value. You will also see their producable items on this window as well. Each type of building will have a worker associated with it. You will then go to a sign attached to a structure to assign workers and begin tasks.

Bless Unleashed Estate Guide

You can also access the Estate from the World Map and scroll over to the Estate tab. This will include the news and labor pool for your base. you can claim and assign jobs across your various structures via this menu.

You can also capture animals. Early on in the development process of your estate, you will receive the sidequest “Capturing Animals”.  This will unlock the feature to capture various animals and use them for production. There are QTEs involved with capturing them, the process will be explained by the quest listed above.

What to do with your products

You can store them in your Estate warehouse as well, while you wait on figuring out what to do with the stuff you produce. You can transfer items directly to your bag for use in another crafting recipe, or take them to sell at various vendors.

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