How to Equip Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise

Is Monster Hunter Rise exclusive to Nintendo Switch?

Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise is the same basic premise as it was in the last mainline game. Use this to get a new look to that armor set to make all your armor look the same. It’s a great way for players to maintain a cohesive look throughout the game. And in a title where the armor sets change so much, that’s a great thing. You will unlock some choices throughout the game, but the pre-order bonuses also include some armor sets. Here’s how to change Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise.

The pre-ordered bonuses for the game include various bonuses. From pre-ordering the standard edition, you receive the Palamute Retriever Costume and the Palico Forest Cat Costume. If you pre-ordered the deluxe edition, you get the Kamurai Hunter set, Palamute Shuriken Collar, and Palico Fish Collar. These are all layered armor pieces and are just about looking cool.

How to Equip Layered Armor in Monster Hunter Rise

Get through the first part of the game, including the tutorial that will introduce Quest Maiden, Hinoa. That’s when you will meet Senri the Palico. Senri the Courier Palico also allows you to claim the pre-order DLC.  Once you have it unlocked you can then use it, here’s how. You’ll find him in the center of town, and one of the options you have when interacting with it to claim “Add-On Content.”

You can now use the Item Box (or the Buddy Plaza in the case of your Palamute and Palico) and then use the “Layered Armor Sets” option.

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So far, Capcom has only added the pre-order bonuses. There are also amiibo options for the Magnamalo, Palico, and Palamute Amiibos, The Magnamalo Amiibo is included in the pricey Collector’s Edition. We may see more layered armor sets added over time, especially as new events show up.

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