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Microsoft Patents New Innovative Xbox Controller

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So in some good light-hearted news for gaming fans, a new patent filing might bring some good news for impaired gamers. Microsoft has been helping lead the charge within the games industry to bring more people into the hobby, allowing people with previously limiting disabilities to gain access to some excellent gaming fun.

The first major release from Microsoft for this effort was the Adaptive Controller, a specially designed input mechanism for those with mobility or motor function issues.  Now another patent brings a new aspect into the offerings, with a new Braille controller apparently in the works. The new controller is a modified version of the Xbox Elite wireless controller, and it has a Braille panel attached to the back of it.

One cool feature of this new patented idea is the possibility to translate in-game dialogue and sounds into Braille, allowing those with visual impairments to interpret what is happening while playing a game. The patent doesn’t reveal too much detail about how this system works, and we probably won’t hear much more for quite a while.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the patent are not always indicative of the intent to develop a new product. Companies like Microsoft, Sony and more develop tons of ideas and patent them to prevent the idea from being “stolen” by another company. And even though the Xbox Adaptive Controller does make more of these products more likely, given that the demand is certainly there, it’s not a guarantee that we will see a Braille controller anytime soon.

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