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Halloween-themed Escalation Contract drops for Hitman 2


Seasonal events in video games are nothing new, but with most games, they don’t involve ruthless assassination plots. But with Hitman 2, that’s the name of the game. Agent 47 has been on a years-long quest to uncover various plots and take out a wide range of targets and enemies. Over the course of his career with the Agency, the brainwashed killer has taken on many tasks. Some of the stranger of these tasks involved taking on Santa Claus and other holiday icons.

The developers have been slowly adding a slate of various in-game events in the form of Contracts, which are limited-time missions granting special rewards like costumes for completion. Now, a new permanent Escalation Contract is joining the stable of missions Agent 47 can undertake, with the chance to unlock a rather eerie pumpkin costume for completing the mission. If dressing up like Old Saint Nick or a clown isn’t your thing, maybe this is.

The new content will be added to the game starting tomorrow, alongside patch 2.71.0. The October update also includes fixes for some complaints the community had. Trophies and achievement have been tweaked according to said feedback, as have UI elements in certain menus to make them easier to use. Nothing too major in terms of bug fixes though, just a handful of different community-reported problems being mopped up.

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The spooky season will enter its final phase with a new Elusive Target – The Serial Killer – on October 25. Players will have ten days to achieve this, and then a Challenge Pack titled Uninvited will pop up on October 31st. This echoes the other Targets This will offer the Red-Tie Kiwi as a reward.

Hitman 2 is out now for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, and if you’re looking for spooky and stealthy fun, this new event may be just up your alley.

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