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Farming Charged Quartz Crystal in Guild Wars 2

Wintersday 2021

Guild Wars 2 has a lot of crafting items to work with. One of the more difficult items to get is the Charged Quartz Crystal in Guild Wars 2. This particular item is used by many top-level crafting recipes, so it’s going to be hard to find. Lesser-used items like Jute Scrap are much easier to get your hands on. The more rare items are a lot harder to get in large quantities.

The most common use for this item is in some of the most powerful crafting recipes in the game. It’s used as both an intermediate material, and a final component. Use this tips listed below to help you find more of these items.

Easiest places to get Charged Quartz Crystal in Guild Wars 2

Quartz Crystal Formations are resource nodes that can be found in certain zones. There’s a small chance to get Charged variants from these nodes. Each node can be mined 3 times once per day, per account (or per character in the Crystal Desert). You may also find a version of the node in your Home Instance, if you get it. The home instance node may be unlocked by purchasing a Gift of Quartz from laurel vendors.

Dry Top is a good region to check in the Maguuma Wastes. Both Challenger Cliffs and Prospect Valley have these nodes in them. You can also find them in the Labyrinthine Cliffs, Rata Sum and The Grove in Maguuma Jungle.

At the Challenger Cliffs location you can find one at Crash Site 3 which won’t appear if the Inquest Base node is available, so if you don’t find it at Crash Site 3, head for the Inquest Base.

Festivals and In-Game Events

The various loot bags from in-game events like Wintersday often can contain Charged Quartz Crystal in Guild Wars 2. The various Trick-or-Treat Bags can have them, as can the Personalized Wintersday Gifts. You get both of these from event quests. That is often the best way to get a bunch of these items. Here are the dates of the various events that have the charged items in their loot.

  • Festival of the Four Winds: Late July to early August
  • Wintersday: Mid December to early January
  • Halloween: Late October to early November
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Home Instances are a good place to get resources. The one issue with this is actually getting the resource nodes. Often, these are paid items locked to the Gemstore, and the monetary cost just isn’t worth it. There’s one way around it, though, in-game progression. Festivals and in-game events may also reward nodes to players who complete each event in each rotation. Achievements and other in-game rewards can both contain high-end crafting materials, as well as useful resource nodes.

Points of Power

You may also use 25 Quartz Crystal earned from loot chests and mining nodes to make 1 Charged Crystal. the conversion costs nearly 1 Gold in materials and fees, so it’s pretty pricey. THat’s where the Points of Power come in. You can do this conversion on each node, but it’s limited to once a day.

These are the most common source of Charged Quartz Crystal in Guild Wars 2. Points of Power are a special spawn you find around the various zones of the game that has a special purpose. These are scattered all over the map, and you will no doubt find a bunch of them randomly. Listed below are a few locations you can find these points.

  • The following are some easy to reach places of power:
    • Krait Obelisk Shard in Home instance
    • Priory Archives in Lornar’s Pass
    • Issormir’s Body in Wayfarer Foothills
    • Earthen Magic in Queensdale
    • Defender’s Field in Stronghold of Ebonhawke
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