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[DEV POST] CSPA Charge Will Now Default to 0 ISK

Afternoon Space Friends,

Another quick post here to let you know of a change Five-0 have ready for testing on Singularity.
When Scylla is released, the default CSPA charge for newly created characters will default to 0 ISK instead of 2950 ISK.

For any existing characters that have their CSPA charge still at the default of 2950 ISK, the charge will also be changed to 0 ISK. Characters that have chosen to set their charge to any other value will be unaffected. All characters can still configure this setting as normal (via the Settings option in the Mail window).

In general, we want to be enabling social interaction in EVE rather than blocking it. The anti-spam value of this feature did not outweigh the downsides of requiring players (especially new players) to pay in order to talk to each other. Most experienced players already change their CSPA charge to 0, so we do not expect this change to negatively affect a large number of players.
As always we’re looking for feedback (in this thread) and reports on any issues found (using the in-game bug reporting tool) with this change.

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Thanks in advance!

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