How to become a detective in BitLife

How to get away with murder in BitLife

BitLife has a lot of different challenges and tasks you can do during your digital life. There are many varied career paths you can walk, you just need to put the time in and earn your spot. This particular guide covers how to earn one of the many unique Ribbons the game hands out, in this case, for being a detective. For this challenge, you can even become the Sherlock Holmes of BitLife. Here’s what you need to do.

How to become a detective in BitLife

Being a detective in BitLife is one of many different random jobs you can get in the game. You will need to get through your education first, so focus on getting good grades. Having high Smarts when you make your character can help a bit here, but you can overcome that with trips to the library early and often in life. Once you get through High School, just make sure you had good grades. You can earn a scholarship if you did exceptionally well. Another option is to aim for an athletic scholarship by playing sports as an extracurricular activity in your High School days. If you played well enough and made team captain in a given sport, you will likely be offered a scholarship. You can find these options for extra activities under the School menu.

Being a member of the justice system, like many of the occupations in the mobile sim, requires a degree. In this case, you need to get into Law School. This is a graduate degree beyond the basic University, so be prepared to spend a few in-game years on this. You’ll want to do the same thing in University as you did in High School, join activities and study hard. Once you graduate, apply for Law School and go for the scholarship.

Becoming a detective will first require that you go down the same career track as careers like a lawyer. You must do well in University and Law School to get this far, so just keep focusing on studying and getting through this step. Put in the time, and you should be successful if your Smarts are high enough.

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You need to then graduate and head to the Occupation tab. The list of possible careers is random, but you should be weighted in favor of law enforcement thanks to that new law degree. Look for a Police Officer job, and take it as soon as you find it. If it’s not thee, you can refresh the list by restarting the app or aging up one year. Just keep trying until you get the career you want, then work at it for a couple of years. That will refresh the jobs list with the career you’re actually after. Jr. Detective is the job you really want.

Keep working with the cops, and refreshing the jobs list, until you get the Jr. Detective job. Once you do, just work in that role until you get promoted to a full detective in BitLife.

Once you’ve become a detective, you will have to keep going through the ages for about 10 years or so to get credit. You will be notified with an in-game achievement when it does happen, so just keep your nose to the grindstone.

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