How to earn $1 million from spouses through divorce in BitLife

How to get an arranged marriage in BitLife

CandyWriter has just debuted a new feature to BitLife to act as a compliment to weekly challenges. The idea is that you get a new task to complete each day, and you earn a unique reward for doing so. This is a bit easier than weekly challenges, as it involves a single step that takes a lot less time to complete. The divorce system in BitLife is the target of the new Daily Quest systems this time around. For this daily quest, you need to earn $1 million from spouses through divorce in BitLife.

This task involves taking advantage of prenuptual agreements, or prenups. The trick with prenups in BitLife is that you need to be on the lower end of the economic spectrum when entering into the marriage. If you’re signing a prenup and less well off than your partner, you should get a nice cash reward. this si supposed to represent the settling of assets that happens with these agreements in the real world. Keep reading to learn how to get this challenge done.

How to earn $1 million from spouses through divorce in BitLife

You need to begin this challenge by getting married. This can be pretty easy, you just have to find a wealthy partner that’s willing to put their lot in with you. You need to be a bit selective by checking their worth when dating a person. Just click their name in the Relationships tab and you’ll be able to see how much their worth. Once you’ve found someone that’s worth a good bit of cash, move on them immediately. The Love option with the Relationships tab is where you can easily find potential partners. To get married, you need to start by making yourself out to be a good partner. Go on vacations, buy them stuff, take them on dates, just be a great partner. Eventually, they will want to marry you.

When you get married, you might want a prenup. In short, prenups are a marriage agreement that ensures any money or property you own before marriage stays yours in the event of divorce. These are useful for protecting your money if you happen to have a lot of cash. Without this, your partner could take 50% of your worth during the separation. The trick is to be lazy. Scoring with prenups means you have to be a pretty terrible partner. You can make a career out of being a layabout if you get good at angering your spouse reliably. You need to do things like spend money recklessly, go partying a lot, refuse to go on dates, and other things to anger them. Just be sure never to cheat, as that will annul any prenup.

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The next step is to actually get a divorce. You need to head back into the Relationships menu and choose the Divorce option within. You can do this manually, or it may happen automatically. If you anger your partner too much, they may divorce you. So depending on the path you need to take, you can either do it via a random event or your own choice.

Do this order of events, and you’ll get a cash payout. Now, you just need to repeat this a bunch of times until you earn enough cash from your various prenups.

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