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Kerbal Space Program 2 shuns Epic Store and loot boxes

Kerbal Space Program 2 Will Not be on Epic Store

So it turns out that Kerbal Space Program, the very scientific rocket-building sim, is getting a full sequel. The new game is still in the very early stages of development, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from wanting to hear more about it.

And with the exceptional proliferation of loot boxes and exclusivity deals in this era of gaming, a lot of people had one simple question for this sequel. As expected, a lot of people don’t want this new game to be tainted by microtransactions or other junk. The developers were quick to respond to these issues surrounding their newest game.

During a forum post, the company’s community manager silently dropped a FAQ that explained some aspects of the plan for the title. Saying, “At launch, Kerbal Space Program 2 will be released on Steam and other digital storefronts, as well as Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store.”

Kerbal Space Program 2 will not have a purchasable in-game currency or loot boxes,” the FAQ explained. “A multitude of microtransactions has never been a part of Kerbaland we are not bringing it to KSP2. Our focus will be to deliver solid, impactful content our fans will love to incorporate into their game.”

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Kerbal Space Program 2 will launch for PC some time next year, although no firm date has been revealed. As for platforms aside from the mainline PC, there’s been no formal confirmation of Mac and Linux being supported at launch by Kerbal Space Program 2. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen later though. Mostly since Squad published versions of the title for macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One alongside the original PC version.

The original Kerbal Space Program can be found on both Steam and Humble. So if you want to shore up your free time until the sequel, that’s an option.

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