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Spintires MudRunner 2 renamed to Snowrunner, coming in 2020

Spintires MudRunner 2 Becomes Snowrunner

During Gamescom 2019, dozens of games have been announced, or given new gameplay footage. There’s also been a torrent of independent titles coming out of the show to strut their stuff for gamers. The latest of these indie titles is one we’ve seen before, but sporting a new name and some interesting new content.

Spintires MudRunner 2 has been in the workshop for a while now, and fans of the rough and tumble offroad sim have followed its development with eagerness. Now, developer Saber Interactive has some more interesting news to share. For one thing, the game is undergoing a name change to reflect some recent design changes. Spintires MudRunner 2 is being renamed to Snowrunner, mostly to reflect the snow-covered maps which will help the game flex visual muscle.

SnowRunner will launch on the Epic Games Store, along with consoles in 2020. A specific month has not yet been revealed, however.

Yes, we know, Epic Games Store exclusives aren’t the most beloved thing right now. So PC gamers might be a bit miffed about the prospect of having to jump off of Steam, but I expect that those who already want the game won’t be dissuaded by a deal with Epic. And if Epic can manage to regain some public trust by making the right calls in the future, it might be an easier sell to get games on their storefront without backlash.

Along with the above trailer, publisher Focus Home Interactive released some screenshots and a bit more detail about the upcoming video game. For one thing, the snowy new biome pushes the whole experience of slogging through the mud into a much more Ice Road Truckers feel. The added challenges that winter driving adds should be a welcome change. And the beauty of such icy vistas can’t be ignored, especially when combined with the amazing terrain deformation and other graphical effects the new game will sport.

Another wonderful addition that was confirmed with this announcement is the inclusion of full mod support at launch. There will also be a new selection of licensed vehicles added to the title.

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