How to get Cyrus and Reese to customize items in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons second Summer update

Reese and Cryus have traveled from Animal Crossing New Leaf to join the fun in the Switch game. They have come to help give you new flair for your islands. You need to head over to Harv’s island to find them. The two sheepish bros are very easy to spot, look for the blue and pink sheep. Once you find them, they will ask you for some Bells to get their story going. You can give them 100,000 Bells to speed things up. It will take a fair bit of time for donations to collect otherwise, so get to it.

When you want to change things up Cyrus and Reese can offer a few options for you. Any item that can be painted using the kits can be brought to Cyrus to customize. You can simply spend bells and he will alter it for you. Cyrus can alter the color scheme of an item, but also apply new decals. Just give them 8,000 Bells and you can change the color of many crafted items.

Cyrus and Reese are two of the many new NPCs added to Harv’s co-op as part of the new 2.0 update to ACNH. And it’s not just them either, you can have many more friends join you. Here’s the current list of NPCs you can eventually find on the island:

  • Harriet – Haircuts and Styles
  • Katrina – Fortunes
  • Kicks – Shoes and Clothing
  • Leif – Shrubs and Plant Starts
  • Redd – Art Pieces
  • Reese and Cyrus – Decorations
  • Sahara – Rugs and Wallpaper
  • Tortimer
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You can do so much more beyond just making your new houses look cool. There are new cooking options like cakes and curry to make. You need flour and sugar, which can be a journey all on their own. Players can also head over to Harv’s new Co-op to get tons of special items from the various shops you can build there. It’s basically a giant shopping mall in ACNH.

Then there’s the paid DLC content that allows players to decorate special holiday destinations for incoming tourists. You get a bunch of new exterior and interior tools to accomplish this. You can apply stuff to the ceiling even, adding new dimensions to interior design in ACNH.

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