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Path of Exile adds Celestial effects and plenty more microtransactions

Path of Exile Has New Vanguard and Celestial MTXs

Once again, we’re back to talk about GGG, Path of Exile, and the slew of new cosmetic items being added for purchase to the games cash shop. And continuing the trend from recent weeks, Grinding Gear Games has unleashed even more Celestial effects, as well as a few other treats.

The new Celestial effect is a skill effect for the AoE attack Lightning Trap. This one borrows from the Shaper aesthetic and turns the lightning explosion of the default attack into something reminiscent of the Shaper death balls many players are familiar with.

Then there’s the rather weirdly charming Vanguard Owl Pet. As part of the Vanguard item line, it offer a red hue combined with a rather bloody look without being too gory. If you’re into a look that blends mystical and steampunk elements, this set could be fore you. Check it out.

The real headline of this announcement, for some players at least, will be that the Apocalypse Mystery Box has returned to the cash shop for a limited time. This box was first put into the game during June 2018. It contained a total of 38 random items, ranging from minor cosmetics to expensive armor set pieces. For many players the 320 Point Wings were a particular chase item. And the reintroduction means you’ve got another chance to get the Automaton and Wasteland microtransactions for only 30 points! The Apocalypse Mystery Box will be available until Aug 12, 2019 11:00 PM EST.

If you’re just joining us and you’re never heard of POE, you’re in for a treat if you like action RPGs. This free-to-play game from New Zealand’s own Grinding Gear Games is entirely free-to-play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and offers a staggering amount of content right out of the gate. The skills and items alone are so numerous that there are literally infinite possibilities for what type of build you want to play. And the focus on a more gritty and immersive story makes leveling actually fun wherein other games it’s a tedious chore.

If you need a leg up on the brutal competition, check out some of our POE guides for more assistance. Otherwise, welcome to Wraeclast exile, enjoy your stay!

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