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indie stealth title Shadows of Doubt shows off new gameplay

Shadows of Doubt Pre-Alpha Trailer

Cole Jefferies is currently working on an indie stealth detective game, called Shadows of Doubt. It’s actually very impressive as it’s all made by one man. The developer has just released a lengthy chunk of gameplay footage, showing various features of the new video game.

The main component of the experience here is that the entire game takes place in a completely immersive digital city, one that’s steeped in neo-noir feel and aesthetic. As you try to solve various mysteries around the city, a suite of skills will come into play in a variety of ways. Not only will you be breaking into crime scenes and the like, but you might also have to lie, cheat and steal to get the results you want. In essence, you’re a pretty crooked operator. All of this combines to convey the message that interacting with the world around you in different ways is integral to success.

By utilizing tons of procedural generation and randomization techniques, the developer has also managed to work in a really robust mixture of gameplay styles. The AI will interact more realistically with the world and characters around them, adding a sense of immersion. The player can also take advantage of this system to hide in inventive ways that are somewhat plastic to the situation. No forced railroading here, or at least that’s the intention.

A lot of the systems in Shadows of Doubt are built around the concept of having a living and breathing world. Every character in the game world will have an apartment, a job, a daily routine, favourite things to do, places to go, and people to interact with. This means that solving various challenges will require learning and recognizing patterns in this simulacrum of human behavior.

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Check out the new gameplay trailer for the new indie game down below.

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