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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire – Expansion Announcement


ArenaNet has unveiled the second expansion for Guild Wars 2, Path of Fire, due 22nd September with a free preview event next weekend open to everyone, even non-players. The expansion will be standalone so you don’t need to own previous expansion Heart of Thorns nor the base Guild Wars 2 game in order to play it. Standalone, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is $30 with a level 80 (top level) boost. Path of Fire can also be purchased bundled with Heart of Thorns for $50. There are also higher-tier packages available that include an extra character slot as well as all other bonuses, these run either $60 or $80.

Pre-Purchase Bonuses
● The Spearmarshal’s Gift – A special gift from an anonymous friend in Elona. Players will use this to choose one weapon skin from the Sunspear Weapon Set.
● “Elonia Envoy” title – Whether a new arrival to Elona or coming home, build bridges by displaying this symbol of respect and friendship.
● Miniature Balthazar – This exclusive miniature replica of the god of War and Fire is on the warpath.

Max-Level Boost – Everyone who purchases Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire will receive a Max-Level Boost to instantly raise one character’s level to 80 and provide gear and gold to help them begin their journey.

One of the biggest new additions in this expansion is a major change to the class system.

All classes are getting new elite specs as part of the mastery system:

  • Firebrand (Guardian): New weapon is axes, themed around conjuring fire and tomes, giving up instant support for casted/focus support.
  • Scourge (Necromancer): Wields an offhand torch, themed around protecting souls to fight Palawa Joko; they’ll use buffs and summons to protect allies, while also gaining more battlefield control and movement options.
  • Deadeye (Thief): New weapon is rifles, significantly improved range. This one seemed the least fleshed out detail-wise of all the new specs.
  • Mirage (Mesmer): This class uses axes, themed around camouflage, dodge mechanics, and manipulating the desert to provide power to their phantasms.
  • Spellbreaker (Warrior): Specializes in daggers and using them for fighting magic users, This class will use debuffs to weaken and eventually eliminate magic-users.
  • Weaver (Elementalist): Uses swords and imbues allies and weapons with elemental magic. Has the ability to wield multiple attunements at once for a combo, hybrid magic skill.
  • Soulbeast (Ranger): Hunter style class that uses daggers, themed around morphing into their pets and more close-range fighting. Yes, there will be new pets!
  • Renegade (Revenant): A hybrid summoner and ranger, uses summons extensively to distract enemies.
  • Holosmith (Engineer): New weapon is sword, themed around clean energy, bending light, holographic weapony, building up heat and then exploding. Wheee!

The game is also getting five huge new zones, all with different biomes and enemy types. Deserts, snowscapes and underwater zones were all on show during the announcement livestream for Path of Fire. And to help traverse these new areas, mounts are finally being added to Guild Wars 2. Expect everything from giant bunnies to Velociraptors.

And finally here’s the new trailer:

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