How to find recent players in Halo Infinite

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Being able to make new pals online is a great thing about online shooters.  Going through your recent players in Halo Infinite is a good way to keep track of people. If you had fun with someone on your team during a game, you might want to keep up with them. If you just want to send them a message, you can do that pretty easily. It’s also possible to get them in your party or add them as a friend. Here’s how. You just need to find all of your recent players in Halo Infinite.

How to find recent players in Halo Infinite

Open up the main menu and then look for the Social tab. Click on that with A to open it up. After you have opened the Social page, tab right two times using the Right Bumper (RB). This will bring up the Recent tab. Here’s where you can find all your recent players in Halo Infinite that you played with.

Once you have opened the tab, scroll down the list on the left. Each player will be listed here by their gamertag and their icon. You can easily invite a recent player to your fireteam from this menu. To invite a player to your Fireteam, just hover over their name, press A, scroll down to Invite, then confirm it with another A press.

You can also mute them from this menu. If you click on their profile, you get more options as well. You can view their files, look at their played games, inspect their armor, and more. Once you have found the player you want to send a request to, just press the button on them to send them a request.  You can also bring them to your friends list with the various options.

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Now, you might want to get into customization. There are tons of other things you can change. You can alter your Spartan ID, nameplate and more for some flair. You can also customize your Spartan in many ways, so try that out.

You might also have some other questions about the game. If you have gameplay questions, you might be new to CTF. That means it’s a good idea to learn the controls, like how to drop the flag. There’s some free cosmetic 20th anniversary content you can claim. IIf you’re the kind of person who only wants to play with console or PC players, you can also get around the crossplay. You can also hop in with your pal in a splitscreen game if that’s your thing.

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