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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield showcases items and features in trailer

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The newest Pokemon games are almost here for the Switch, and fans are very excited. Now despite the version exclusives like new Gym leaders making some users a bit upset, there’s still plenty to enjoy in both versions of the game. And with new games, comes new mechanics and items for players to fool around with. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have always been working on innovations to both improve gameplay and make the game easier to play.

Anyone who has played the older games knows that stat-boosting items are a big part of the game. The developers have now revealed that XS to XL Candies will now be a thing in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, as players will be given more options to boost the stats and levels of their Pokemon. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will of course have Rare Candies too, although these will likely be very hard to come by. Older stat boosts will be in the new Switch versions as well, with Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, and several others being available to boost monster stats at the base level. Note that this means EVs not inherently IVs, at least that’s the assumption going around.

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There’s another new addition that hardcore players will recognize involving the Nature of your Pokemon. Now, instead of using ribbons like in older games, trainers can use Mints to change the nature of a given roster member. Modest Mint, Lonely Mint, Hasty Mint and some other options will be in the game for this purpose.

In addition to the items being shown off, the developers are also streamlining some elements of gameplay with new additions and changes to existing mechanics. Egg management is being made a bit easier for one thing, as Egg moves can now be moved between different Eggs at will.

Finally, trainers also have direct access to the Pokemon storage boxes at anytime, making that particular infamous bit of backtracking to a Center a lot less irritating.

Check out the trailer down below. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release on November 15th for Nintendo Switch.


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