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Wicked Creek and escalating tensions


After the news of the departure of TEST from HERO with their intent to move to Wicked Creek, a lot of information has come to light that suggests that tensions are rising and a large scale conflict is brewing.

Wicked Creek has developed into an interesting region for both diplomatic and military conflicts over SOV and assets in the region.  As N3/NA. removed the majority of it’s defensive presence in the region post-Phoebe, the region and surrounding area stood ripe for the taking by various alliances.

Several major alliances took SOV in the area.  PFR (Phoebe Freeport Republic), Red Alliance, Gorgon Empire, and a smattering of smaller groups began clashing with one another while overtaking token N3 resistance.  The clashes developed into a massive conflict with dozens of systems across several regions changing hands.  As a result of these fights, diplomatic relations between the various groups involved resulted in the formation of several tenuous alliances.

Diplomatic Immunity. (200 members) are part of a coalition along with Almost Awesome. (300 members) and BLUE Alliance (300 members) and are looking to expand into [RANE] held lands in the South of Wicked Creek, so far they have conquered several RANE systems including the station system of 5H-SM2. The Gorgon Empire (1100 members) were for a long time considered to be the protectors of [RANE] held lands in Wicked Creek however it lately seems they are less enthusiastic about defending [RANE] holdings and instead are preferring to spend their time farming HERO in Catch.The siutaion for RANE is now much more complex, as it has been alleged that RANE is attempting to lure TEST into the area with the promise of SOV for them to act as a new protector in the absence of GE.

The various sides in the conflict now stand to gain a lot more content and new enemies with the entry of TEST.  A rather verbose Reddit post on the subject from the perspective of PFR can be seen here.  A blatant reality that becomes apparent is that the stability of the region was never there to begin with, at least in terms of the various groups not shooting each other.  And the tenuous agreements that kept these entities in SOV-holding status seems to be very quickly evaporating.  Honestly, it looks as though the tension from the upcoming SOV changes has sparked a lot of interest in renewed conflict across Null.  With clashes in Fountian, Catch, and now Wicked Creek seemingly ready to ignite the powder keg of an open and wide scale war.

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