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Check out CCP’s In Development November 2017 Video

EVE Online Capital Fight

The month of November is coming to a close, and the holiday hellscape looms on the horizon; but in EVE Online, players are getting ready for another kind of hell. And their particular brand of chaotic space-based hellhole is a lot more enjoyable.

In preparation for the next phase of EVE expansions on December 5, CCP has released a video talking about the new changes coming next week. The Arms Race begins soon.

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Firstly , and most importantly, is the massive expansion of the skill pool available to Alpha Clone (Free-to-Play) capsuleers. Previously, Alphas were limited to a single races ships, and restricted to cruiser hulls. When the Arms Race drops, we’ll now have a whole new range of ships to play with. Alphas can cross-train racial hulls for the first time. This means that all the T1 hulls of the four main races open for some fun, but also Pirate faction craft like the Cynabal and Machariel are now available to Alphas too.

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But a horde of new ships isn’t the only change. Alphas can now train into small and medium T2 guns, as well as T1 large guns. This means that Alpha clones will now be a lot more versatile and capable in small and large engagements. I fully expect NullSec alliances to debut some new Alpha fleet doctrines around these changes too.

There’s even a few treats in the video too. There are some new Caldari skins coming to the market and a few seasonal skins are out as well.

Finally, there’s this great little PSA about account security that I found quite entertaining. CCP Antiquarian also talked about the new Refineries introduced last patch, specifically some stats about how many have been deployed.

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