How to get the Yellowcake Rocket Launcher in Borderlands 3

How to get the Yellowcake Rocket Launcher in Borderlands 3

The Yellowcake Rocket Launcher in Borderlands 3 shoots radiation damage and leaves behind a lovely little mushroom cloud of fun wherever you take it. And like many other Legendary weapons in the game, there are more powerful variants locked behind the higher Mayhem levels. The Yellowcake Rocket Launcher in Borderlands 3 even offers some really insane rolls like a 300% damage increase on enemies with 90% or less health. And the base versions even sport an added 200% damage as well, adding to the carnage.

But there’s another reason folks playing this game really want it. There’s a bug being exploited where the launcher only counts its buffs against “red” health values, so armor and shields are never taken into account. This means that the Legendary Rocket Launcher deals a huge flat damage buff to many enemies in the game. Gearbox might patch this out so why not take advantage now. Here’s how to get the Yellowcake Rocket Launcher in Borderlands 3.

The place to farm this item is within the new Mayhem mode, added in the most recent game update. This mode is also the perfect place to test out the launcher as the nice little puff of radioactive damage is great against groups of mobs.

To farm the Yellowcake you will need to make your way to the Villa Ultraviolent. The weapon can drop from a variety of bosses, including Fish Slap, Tyrone Smallums, and Joey Ultraviolet himself.

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Look in the intro to the main Villa to see if Fish Slap and Tyrone Smallums have spawned there first. The room you’re looking for is towards the center of the building where you need to grab the fountain part to progress deeper. These bosses usually spawn in there.

The event will routinely increase the Mayhem level for boss spawns and the like, and the better loot is locked to the Mayhem level. So if you’re looking to get the best possible drop of the Yellowcake Rocket Launcher in Borderlands 3, you will want to cause plenty of chaos.

There is one more spawn point you can check while looking for boss spawns in this area. The event also includes various quests to complete, with one of them being killing Cartel members to gain the Decoder Rings they drop. Killing a large number of these mobs can force Fish Slap and Tyrone Smallums to spawn and run in to attack you.

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